About Lil’ Ronin

Welcome to Lil’ Ronin!


I’m Hiro.  As you can tell from my name I’m from Japan but I’ve lived in London for most of my life. Having grown up in trendy Brixton before it was trendy, I am a Londoner.

You can take the girl from Japan but you can’t take the genetics out of the girl. Which in this case means I am tiny; vertically at least. I make up for my demeanour with two massive Ragdoll cats, Kenzo and Kiko. They are surrogate children. Yes, this sounds incredibly sad but my boyfriend and I are thirty somethings in London. So there we have it, ’nuff said.


I’m a lawyer by day, masked vigilante by night. Ok, the last part is not true and I may have just binge watched Dare Devil. In truth, I would be a rubbish superhero. My superpower would be super bad circulation and the ability to make my boyfriend cry out in pain by merely touching him. Hmmm….


So, basically I’m soulless. But… in my defence I am pretty creative – so here we are. I decided I wanted to do something that people, like my friends and I, could appreciate. So no fancy gimmicks, unaffordable pieces (aspirational sure, but I don’t think anything that would take the income of two lifetimes to be aspirational) or unrealistic reviews. I want to provide true to life reviews, ideas, recipes and do-able hacks. Hopefully, I can provide this with a dose of positivity. The world is already too full of depressing news articles.


A ronin is a wondering masterless samurai. I come from a samurai family so I thought, since I’ve wondered far from my country ronin reflected me well.