Beauty Pie the beauty membership club: Products Review Part 1

It was probably in about 2017 that I saw Beauty Pie pop up in my search engines and probably on Instagram too. I looked into and I wasn’t too sure if it was genuinely worth it or yet another cheap brand selling itself as luxury.

Then in mid to late 2018 I saw lots of people were talking about it in social media. So I looked into it. Then the Goddess of skincare reviews, Caroline Hirons did a brand overview on YouTube. I was like ‘I’m in! let me try this out!’ By the way if you don’t follow Hirons blog or her YouTube you seriously should. I have learnt so much.

How it works:

It’s a membership subscription service starting at £5 a month. This then gives you an allowance. I have a £10 per month subscription which gives me a spending maximum allowance of £100 typical price (typical price is their estimated high street price) per month. The allowance relates to the RRP of each items, this is the price that you pay if your weren’t a member.

Beauty Pie idea is that they sell luxury formulas made in the same factories as super expensive brands but since the business is online and they cut out any middlemen they make huge savings. So, for example, their famous and applauded and popular Super Retinol hand cream is typical price £40 but members pay £6.25. So if I buy that I would actually pay £6.25 plus postage and I would have £60 allowance left. Following so far?

If you sign up and don’t spend all your allowance it just rolls over into next month.

I’ve done over 3 months of Beauty Pie and OMG, I am totes sold. I wasn’t expecting quality, I mean £6.25 hand cream…? Pfff yea right. But I was so very wrong. Here’s my brief review of the products I’ve tried so far. If you want any more details or have any questions or want to ask me, feel free to leave me some questions and comments below.

Delivery was prompt and it was delivered well packaged. The individual packages for the products felt well made and felt like their luxe counterparts.

One Wonder Powder (Typical Price £26, Member Price £5.32): Beauty editors rave about this and they’re not wrong. This next generation powder is amazing. It looks very white but trust me it s translucent. I’m olive skinned so in case you don’t believe me I had my bestie try it when she was down. She’s much darker than me and it sisn’t leave a white cast on her. The powder takes away some shine but it isn’t matt, it leaves a lovely glow. It looks a little glittery in the compact but it’s not glittery on the skin. It also lasts. one light sweep over my face and then maybe a light touch up on my nose . C’est tout. It’s my holy grail of powders. Also for that price it’s a no brainier.

One Powder Wonder

Super Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Treatment (Typical Price £40, Member Price £6.25): This is another raved product. I tried it as I was developing some hyperpigmentation on my knuckles and it kinda bothered me…. I started applying three thick layers of this on my hands before bed. I was careful nt to touch my eyes. I got my mother to try it too, she’s 69. She loved it. I got my bestie to try it too when she came over to stay for a few nights and she loved it. For me not only did my hyperpigmentation decrease but my hands were well moisturised and in the morning it looked like I had handmade up on. They were just beautiful. Not something I would ever say about my tiny raccoon hands. This is another holy grail product and one I rebought. Note, that if you do use this you should be using a sunscreen in the day and it should only be used at night.

Futurelipstick Luxe Shine (Typical Price £20, Member Price £4.69): I bought this in Pinkyum. The colour is really lovely. The forumla is sheer and buttery with a light vanilla fragrance. I wear it as a day work lipstick. I do find that it wears off and doesn’t leave any stain, so once it’s off, it’s totally off. It needs reapplication but because I’m lazy and also because I’m too busy at work I hardly ever do. It isn’t one of those lipsticks that moisturises deeply although it feels like it would. It sort of sits on top. I do like it and it is an equivalent to some of the top brand lipsticks but I think there’s better lipsticks out there but can you complain for this price? It’s definitely one you should try out.

Japan Fusion Hydra Prep (Typical Price £25, Member Price £7.10): I order this as this was another product that people were loving. And you know me with my current skincare regime obsession. I have super sensitive skin and as soon as I opened this I was quite worried that it would irritate me. It felt lovely on my skin but it is fragranced. It is a nice fragrance, well I find it pleasant but I’m a tad too scared to properly try this as I was also starting out on Differin, with tends to make your skin a bit sensitive and irritated (more about this in another post). I liked it the few times I tried it so if you don’t mind fragrance in your skincare I suggest you try it. It seemed very hydrating. I’d use this as a first step as an essence toner, before my serums or as one of my skins if I was doing the Korean 7-skins. If you don’t know the Korean 7 skins method by the way look it up on google, especially if you have dehydrated skin.

Wondercolour Longwear Cream Shadow Stick (Typical Price £20, Member Price £5.71): I bought one of these in Little Star (I also bought Wild Violet since then). I love these and I’m pretty sure these are a dupe for either the By Terry or Laura Mercier shadow sticks. They’re creamy and glide on smoothly. The colours are metallic but grown up day wear metallic. I worn these continuously for about a month. I found that if I wore then on a day out they were fine but for some reason when I wore them to work they would sort of disappear. Bit of a shame really. I have found that work dries my eyes out quite badly and I think the shadows were drying out too. Cheers air con, screen work and contact lens combo!

Wondercolour Longwear Cream Shadow Stick

So far so good. What Beauty Pie does really well is that they don’t allow you to feel like your just bought super cheap make up. It feels expensive. The formulas feel well made and have effective ingredients, whilst some of the make up are clearly dupes of more expensive products. The best thing is I don’t have to feel guilty for spending some money as the cost of all the above would have maybe got me one nice foundation or a clarins hand cream and a nice lipstick from somewhere.

I’ve since had a second delivery from Beauty Pie which I’ll review in my next post, which will include their make up range.

See you soon folks!