The rabbit hole

Wow, I can’t believe where the time has gone. Every week I was like ‘I think I’ll have time to write a couple of blog posts and load them up’, then bang! It’s Monday morning and I literally have had no time. I’m sorry and I’ll try and be better. No! I WILL BE BETTER… I hope.

I started a new job back right at the end of April lasat year and I have been ridiculously busy. I’ve been working late and on weekends. I even had to log on at Christmas. It’s all good though I love my new work colleagues and the work is super interesting.

There has also been personal developments. Mike the love of my life of 4 years proposed in July 2018. Enter Pinterest and hours of looking at styles, dresses and themes. There was also some issues with our engagement ring which took an inordinate amount of time to sort out. Long story short we had to return it. I might do a quick wedding blog if that interests any of you — let me know in the comments or by emailing me!

Since I’ve had no time to write at home, I got myself a new iPad at the end of last year and Mikey bought me a keyboard I can attach it to so that I blog away whilst I’m at work or travelling. This is the first time I’m using the Arteck iPad keyboard which arrived yesterday. I’m actually sitting in the staff canteen while I write this. This is pretty cool. It has turned my iPad into a surface pro. By the way this post is not sponsored.

Mikey paid for the keyboard from his hard earned cash to cheer up his miserable fiancée up. Seriously, I have been in the worst mood all year. I am starting to come out of the funk though so all is good.

It is pretty nifty, it has it’s own battery that’s rechargeable and folds neatly away when I close it like a laptop. What more could anyone want – well it could be self carrying and save my shoulders, but that’s more the iPad than the keyboard. I do think iPads are great but also rather heavy. When will they invent the ones that are meant to fold up or project out from a watch or are as thin as cling film (saran wrap for you lot in the US)?

Anyway, I wanted to quickly post to say I haven’t died, or got fed up with the blog. On the contrary I have a million and one ideas -just not enough hours in the day!

Thanks for reading and Ipromise to be better!