No more roll on deodorants?

Could this be my goodbye to Dove Deodorants…?


I have noticed that my deodorant is super effective these days. I am a staunch fan of dove and have found it keep me dry and odour free. However, the more effective it has become the harder I find it is to wash off my pits in the shower (or bath). I always wash with an exfoliating cloth, true Japanese style. My skin afterwards feels smooth and supple, except my pits. I usually have to give it a good scrub.

Anyhoo, I didn’t think so much scrubbing and such persistent deodorants could be healthy. I went all freelove and started researching for healthy paraben free alternatives. Of course I ended up on sites where I expect to see very healthy people that do a lot of yoga shop at. The natural deodorants had some mixed reviews.

For a while I gave up and was preoccupied by doing the usual round of life admin and the incessant researching of TO products. Then I came across a post about Glycolic Acid being a great deodorant.  I read that (apparently) it doesn’t stop you sweating but it makes your pits so inhospitable for the bacteria that cause the odours that they cannot thrive after a swipe of the Glycolic acid. Sounded like a win. I headed to Covent Garden to pick a bottle up that weekend. I would have gone earlier had I had time… I am so impatient.

I’ve now been using the Glycolic acid for about three weeks. I didn’t smell anything after 6 hours in the sun working my allotment. I can get a bit sticky but no odour or on really anxiety inducing work days, I get home and sniff my tops, and there is a slight whiff – I won’t lie, but no more than I would do even if I was wearing deodorant. Does anyone else also notice that anxiety and stressed induced sweat is way smellier than just exercise sweat?!

It doesn’t sting, my armpits seem very happy so far too. Glycolic all the way for me now!

Any other Glyco converts?

(Photo credit goes to Deceim Website. I was too lazy to take a photo of my own. I am very comfy on the sofa….)