YSL All -in-one Glow Foundation Review

I recently ran out of my Dior Forever foundation at the worst possible time. That’s to say everything ran out at the same time, primer, moisturiser, powder. You name it I was out.


Here is my beauty haul in May.

I was quite keen on trying a YSL foundation. I was looking for something a little dewy, and lighter for spring/summer. I tend to buy one foundation and if I like it stick to it. I tried it in store and the texture was lovely.

I wore it for a few days before my new job started. Over my TO skin regimen I applied SPF, YSL primer and then the all in one glow. The first time I applied it with my fingers, and it was like trying to apply water droplets. It was bit weird so I got my beauty blender out and that worked much better. The finish was satin, light to medium coverage with one layer. I put on my concealer, and set it with laura mercier pressed translucent powder.

With my face set I met with a friend in Petersham nursery and my makeup seemed pretty good by the time I had come home. I wore it a again couple of time before I started my new job.

But how did it last under air con conditions?

Badly. My face felt greasy and when I looked in the mirror the foundation had caked all around my nose and into my pores. And to be honest I don’t have large pores. It was particularly bad in the space between my eyebrows. All I wanted to do was wash my face.

I gave this a go a few more times and I can honestly say I regretted wearing it to work every time. It was embarrassing to be meeting clients and facing colleagues with essentially a slipping mask of grease.

Also the packaging is rather disappointing.  The directions say you should massage the tube it comes in but after I did that I discovered I had to shake the product into the top pump section otherwise nothing came out.  It didn’t feel like a luxury product.
I am genuinely disappointed with this product as I really wanted to love it. Such a shame!

The hunt continues….

I’ll post up my thoughts on the other products shortly!