My Ikea makeup box.

I have to apply my makeup in the kitchen in the mornings. The light is better there but also my boyfriend is a ridiculously light sleeper so I can’t even turn on the lights in the bedroom in deepest darkest winter without him suddenly waking up and screaming like some love child of Count Dracula and a banshee. The face he pulls is quite the picture of horror.

I have a large make up box in the bedroom which means I don’t get to use most of my make up. So I recently moved it into the kitchen on some shelves behind the door. Nearly everything fits but I had a few lose ends. I needed something to fit above.  So, naturally I went to Ikea.  I was looking for those cute little knitted/fabric bags in which to keep my brushes but I found something better. I found this:


The Saxborga £10.  It’s aesthetically nice, a very pale pinky beige colour and has a mirror. It contains two trays, in a way that gives you lots of storage.


You can use it in such a way that the mirror is held up:

Saxborga inside

Having seen these Ikea photos while I sat eating my meatballs in their rather non descriptive gravy, I decided I had to get one.

It is the perfect size and having moved the contents of loose ends in there I realised I could actually use a Japanese furoshiki wrap and take it with me if I’m away for a few nights.