Lather me well: Body wash review

I am a bath person. I love it. One day before I die, I will buy a house. I will do that house up and install a Japanese style bathroom. Why? What is a Japanese style bathroom, you ask. Well traditionally, it is more a wet room, we shower and exfoliate (we always exfoliate), and rinse well. Then we dip into the bathtub which is already full with lovely hot water. And you just sit there relaxing. Since you’re all clean and the tub is essentially a hot tub to relax in, the water is kept (there is usually a lid to the tub) and the next person uses it. It’s really not gross at all and bear in mind it is usually only your family using it.  In a family friend’s home, the bathwater then goes into the washing machine for the first water cycle, so nothing is wasted and we help the environment.

I’m forever cold so a relaxing Japanese style bathroom would be ace. Alas, as a thirty something Londoner this may just be a dream that is never realised. Who knows though right?!  What I do have is a medium sized no window western style bathroom, in which to relax.

What is currently at the top of my agenda is finding a super nice body wash. Not only should it make my skin feel soft, clean and hydrated but I want it to make the bathroom smell nice afterwards.  Here are my current top choices in each budget band:


Aromatherapy Associates body wash

Aromatherapy Associates  – Relax body wash, £22 for 250ml.

I actually bought this following an aromatherapy massage. The smell is incredibly lovely and genuinely relaxing. I was really unwell at the time and suffering from a lot of stress and this was a my treat to myself. They have recently changed the bottle, and I’ve not tried it for a while but it is gorgeous and nourishing.  I like to keep a bottle in the bathroom and use it as a treat. I might also spend the rest of the day sniffing my skin….



Aēsop – Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Cleanser, £31 for 500ml.

I love Aēsop’s packaging and branding. that said it is no longer unique. Lots of companies are following the utilitarian trend of practicality over luxury packaging and spending the money on good ingredients.  I love bergamot notes, especially in washes as they tend to linger as it can be quite strong. I found this wash to be gentle, not overpowering  and it didn’t dry my skin out.

Splashing out:


NUXE – Prodigieux huile de douche, £11 for 200ml.

I can’t afford luxury and premium body washes as an everyday treat, sometimes a twice a day treat, so I was searching for a more affordable one. This is my current favourite. It’s not a strong scent. The fragrance is light and very pleasant and lingers on your skin delicately.  This body wash is made up of 91.9% natural ingredients. I mention this as it doesn’t look like it when you pour it out. It’s so pretty! It shimmers with gold particles which apparently is from a mineral origin. At any rate, it is definitely one you can try without breaking the bank.


Body Shop Olive Body wash

The Body Shop – Olive Shower Gel, £5.00 for 250ml.

The Body Shop always reminds me of being in my early teens when all the girls went mad for the fruity lip balms. The fragrances are ok but with their price point it’s never going to be amazing. This has a light scent and for the price I quite liked it. It certainly makes a change, if like me your default is Dove body wash. The Body Shop does dinky little travel sizes too so you can try a few out to see if you like them.