Stuffed Trout!

Here’s a really simple recipe for trout. I love seafood, and I think it is usually best kept super simple so that the flavours of the fish comes through. I once ate in a well known hotel where they served fillets of dover sole covered in an orange sauce. I found it too sweet, and it over powered the fish, which is delicate in flavour.

That said, trout has a strong earthly smell to it so it goes well cooked with other flavours. I’ve chosen trout here because it’s a relatively cheap fish, readily available at the fish counter in your local supermarket so there’s no need to go gallanting around town. Don’t you hate a recipe where the ingredients are so unique you have to go and find the particular shop that sells it?! I bloody do!

The great thing about this dish is you can prepare it, and pop it in the fridge before guests  or family arrive home and then pop in the oven. You can also pre-prepare a potato salad to serve with it.

Anyway, here’s my recipe.


N.B. The quantity for the stuffing listed below is enough for stuffing three trouts so please reduce or increase the quantities depending on the number of fish you are preparing.

90g of chestnut mushrooms or a third of a packet of chestnut mushrooms

Half a large carrot

bunch of parsley

1 whole lemon

one trout per person.

Firstly, finely dice about a third of a packet of mushrooms. You can use any type of mushrooms but I think Chestnut mushrooms provide a depth of flavour that suits the earthy tones of the trout.

Next up, I used half a carrot mostly because no one likes carrots in my family. Personally ,I hate them but when diced finely and mixed with other flavours I won’t taste it.


But hey if you don’t like mushrooms but love carrots you can lessen the ‘rooms and add more carrots, although this will make the filling that little bit sweeter. Next, finely shred a handful of parsley.


Everything then gets tossed about in a bowl. Lightly season with salt and pepper and toss again so it’s evenly mixed.


Slice a whole lemon.


Next, get an oven tray out and cut large pieces of grease proof paper, enough to parcel up your trout(s).  Then lightly drizzle some olive oil on the paper and lightly season. Have your cocktail sticks at the ready. I used three per fish.

Now get your fish out of the fridge and give them a good rinse. Word of warning, they’re slippery critters. Out of all the fishes this genuinely is a slimy critter. You want to wash off the sliminess.  I suggest washing one at a time as you stuff.

Once washed place on the greaseproof paper that has the drizzle of oil and seasoning. Now commence the stuffing, placing the lemon slices inside.  Keep some slices aside to place on top.  Hold the stuffing in place with the cocktail sticks as you go. Once stuffed place the lemon slices on top as well.

Now parcel up your trout  and place in the middle of the oven at about 200 degrees for a fan assisted oven or 220 degrees or gas mark 6, for about 30 minutes,

I usually serve this up with either boiled new potatoes or a simple crushed new potatoes with radishes and a side of greens.